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BMW M: For individuals.

Motorsport is our passion, driving pleasure is our mission. Perfection is our inspiration. And we never lose sight of our goal: creating automobiles that have what it takes to become legends. We won’t be satisfied with anything less. BMW M.

BMW M models.

Born on the racetrack, at home on every road – that’s the credo of M automobiles. Inspired by motorsport, the very exclusively equipped cars meet even the highest demands for agility, dynamics and power with ease. Powerful engines combined with expressive design and high functionality allow you to feel how much passion goes into building each individual vehicle.

M Performance models.

BMW M Performance models represent a new category of vehicle from BMW M. Positioned above the M Sport models, but below the core BMW M models, they have been selectively refined in terms of technology and design using the expertise focused at BMW M.

The BMW Motorsport Portal

BMW Motorsport

Successful for over 50 years on many racing circuits.

M Sport models.

While athleticism is ingrained into all BMW models, those looking for additional dynamism will discover just what they are looking for with the M Sport models.

Ultimate Performance - It's the least we expect.

The corporation.

Team spirit. Readiness to experiment. Perfectionism. With one goal: to surpass the highest demands. Yours. Ours. And the road’s. There's nothing we won't do to achieve this. That's what BMW M stands for. Our unique products can be created here and here only. The choice is yours: BMW M models capture the thrill of motorsport and bring it to the open road. M Performance and M Sport models give you the means to turn your BMW into your athletic dream machine. Or are you looking for the fastest way to more driving pleasure and like pushing your limits? BMW Driver Training gets you fit for all the challenges the road holds for you. 

The story.

Automobiles, victories, passion – these are the three ingredients that when mixed have been providing the thrust for BMW M over decades.

The partners.

The MotoGP motorcycle world championship is one of the most professional and most popular racing series in the world, drawing crowds of dedicated fans to tracks and screens alike. As Official Car of MotoGP for the twelfth time, BMW M is responsible for the Safety Car fleet, which features different BMW M models. But the company's involvement doesn't stop there – alongside our VIP Shuttle fleet with BMW X5 and BMW X6 models, there is also the annual BMW M Award for the best driver in all qualifying sessions at the end of the season.

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