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BMW Hydrogen 7.

In the future, we will be able to generate energy from hydrogen, making driving emission-free. With the BMW Hydrogen 7, the future starts now. This is the first production-ready vehicle to be powered by hydrogen, which means that it delivers the performance you expect and, with zero emissions, the environmental-responsibility you only imagined. 

BMW CleanEnergy.

The Ultimate Driving Machine – without emissions. We call this approach CleanEnergy. Our long-term aim to reduce CO2 involves replacing fossil fuels with renewable hydrogen. We’ve been working on this vision since the 1970s, when we first started developing hydrogen vehicles. You can’t argue with the science. The only combustion residue of hydrogen is water vapour, provided it has been produced by renewable energy sources. That makes it the most logical and most sustainable alternative to fossil fuels in the long run. Follow us into the clean world of tomorrow, into the world of hydrogen.

BMW Hydrogen 7.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 is the world's first production-ready hydrogen vehicle. This standard production saloon is a refinement of the BMW 7 Series. Its engine is a 6.0-litre V12 with Valvetronic and double-Vanos with direct petrol injection and hydrogen intake manifold injection, enabling it to run on both liquid hydrogen and petrol.  Since its 2007 launch, a fleet of the cars have been used at VIP events and loaned out to business leaders who are committed to reducing emissions in their organisations, such as Justin King of Sainsbury's and Stuart Rose of M&S. On the road, the BMW Hydrogen 7 has shown that switching to hydrogen is perfectly in tune with the comfort and dynamics you'd expect from BMW.
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