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The new BMW M3 Sedan.


The new BMW M4 Convertible.


The new BMW M4 Coupé.


The BMW M5 Saloon.



M. The most powerful letter in the world: this has always been the defining mark of a genuine sports car. The new BMW M3 Saloon, the new BMW M4 Coupé, the new BMW M4 Convertible, the BMW M5 Saloon, the BMW M6 as a Coupé and as a Convertible as well as the X6 M continue to extend this hallmark.

The BMW M3 Saloon: a four-door high-performance sports car. The completely redeveloped 431hp M TwinPower Turbo straight six-cylinder petrol engine offers spontaneous performance across the entire rev range. Innovations from motorsport like the Active M Differential, Adaptive M Suspension, M Servotronic or the seven-gear M dual-clutch transmission with Drivelogic redefine the limits of possibility. The driver’s seat is the last word in perfect ergonomics. The new M seats with their shell-like form offer side stability and create the ideal connection to the vehicle. Everything is orientated towards one thing: the driver.
With its record-breaking lightweight body of under 1,500 kg according to DIN, the BMW M4 Coupé makes its intentions clear: it’s here to make the impossible possible. Equipped with the brand new 431hp M TwinPower Turbo straight six-cylinder petrol engine, with seven-gear M dual-clutch transmission with Drivelogic, and precision tools like the M Servotronic, Active M Differential and Adaptive M Suspension it’s ready to enter the ring. In the other corner: the laws of physics. Its trump card: a driving character that unites man and machine like never before.
Open for maximum intensity. Equipped with a 431hp M TwinPower Turbo straight six-cylinder petrol engine and innovations from motorsport, the BMW M4 Convertible ensures the most direct connection between adrenalin-filled high performance and all-out driving pleasure. While the M engine provides uninterrupted boost right up to the limits with the seven-gear M dual-clutch transmission, the Active M Differential, the Adaptive M Suspension or M Servotronic allow for powerful, precision driving. It’s an experience that remains unrivalled, not only with the roof down. It catapults M driving to a whole new level.
The BMW M5 always makes a confident impression. The silhouette of a classical saloon blends with that of a high-performance sports car. The M rear spoiler and twin tailpipes round off the look beautifully. Two turbochargers propel the BMW M TwinPower effortlessly on, whilst the innovative technologies like BMW EfficientDynamics ensure the lowest possible fuel consumption values.
With its customised high performance, the BMW M6 Coupé embodies the most athletic form of luxurious elegance. A fascinating high-performance vehicle that sets new benchmarks with its impressive dynamics, extravagant appearance, superior technology and spectacular efficiency.
From the racing track to high performance in the open air: the new generation of the BMW M6 Convertible impresses with even more athletic lines, daring dynamics and progressive elegance with a classic sport soft-top. The M TwinPower Turbo V8 petrol engine responds to even a light tap of the accelerator pedal with relentless power and effortless torque.
The new BMW X6 M lives up to its claims of excellence. The Sports Activity Coupé impresses on every surface with six-speed M Sport automatic transmission, Dynamic Performance Control (DPC), Adaptive Drive and BMW xDrive. The five full-size seats, a glass roof and up to 1,750 litres of loading volume offer a high level of comfort. With the powerful M TwinPower Turbo eight-cylinder petrol engine, 555hp and acceleration from 0 to 62mph in just 4.7 seconds, the BMW X6 M is in perfect condition for peak performance. And the exclusive interior gives it a comfortable advantage.
Whether you are interested in a new or used BMW M vehicle – this section will give you all the facts, test reports and financing or leasing offers for the current M cars and, of course, a BMW Centre for your test drive. M Power World offers exclusive information on M high-performance cars – and is the place for everyone united by a common passion: the thrill of the strongest letter in the world.
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