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Efficiency in the BMW 3 Series Saloon.

From the BMW EfficientDynamics technology package to the BMW ActiveHybrid 3, intelligent, fuel-saving measures will help you avoid excessive consumption.

320d EfficientDynamics – only 109 g/km CO2.

Whether the new BMW 320d EfficientDynamics has an automatic or manual transmission, in terms of sheer cost-effectiveness and dynamics it is impressive, delivering an combined fuel consumption of 68.9 mpg (4.1l/100km) with emission figures of only 109 grams of CO2 per kilometre.
The 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology originates from the same family as the BMW 320d and boasts a fully aluminium crankcase, a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry and the latest generation of common rail direct injection.
The secret of its success: a retuned engine, and adjusted Optimum Shift Indicator, aerodynamically optimised five-spoke wheels, tyres with reduced rolling resistance and a lowered suspension to minimise drag. Yet it still carries the same sporting DNA as all other BMW 3 Series models.

Elegance in its most dynamic form.



The BMW EfficientDynamics philosophy was key to the design of the BMW 3 Series Saloon. The aerodynamically optimised front apron and the underbody are particularly impressive, with their innovative new features that reduce drag and fuel consumption.
Embodying the BMW EfficientDynamics philosophy in a visible design feature is the front apron of the new BMW 3 Series Saloon. The integrated Aero Curtain guides the airstream along the front wheel housings via two vertical inlets. When accelarating, the stream of air then forms a “curtain” around the outer sides of the wheels. This curtain reduces turbulence and drag plus lowers fuel consumption.
The smooth underbody lining and the engine compartment screening further enhance the dynamics, they also provide improved acoustic insulation and corrosion protection.

Brake Energy Regeneration.

Braking used to mean losing energy. Not any more. With Brake Energy Regeneration, as soon as you release the accelerator or apply the brake, the energy is used to charge the battery. This decreases the load on the engine, reduces emissions and saves fuel, which also means there’s more power available for acceleration.
The targeted generation of electrical energy has yet another advantage. At full acceleration, the engine has the propulsive force at its disposal that would be channelled off to charge the battery in conventional systems. So you enjoy an even more exhilarating experience.

ECO PRO mode.

As soon as you select the consumption-friendly ECO PRO mode, the intelligent system goes into action and, depending on how you drive, helps to reduce fuel consumption. 
The ECO PRO mode is focused on maximum efficiency. Accelerator pedal and gearbox parameters, as well as shift points, are optimised and the heating/climate control strategy is adapted to achieve the perfect levels. The Control Display will show you which technological innovations are being employed to improve efficiency.
The saving measures you take are up to you, however, ECO PRO tips can advise you on how to drive more efficiently and can help reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%*. The bonus range in the on-board computer will then show you exactly how many additional miles you can drive.
The EfficientDynamics displays also show which technological innovations are being employed to improve efficiency. 
*Determined as part of an internal BMW consumption study.

Auto Start-Stop.

Red lights, traffic jams, road works – whatever the hold up, an idling engine wastes fuel. The Auto Start-Stop function in the new BMW 3 Series Saloon switches off the engine when the vehicle stops temporarily, automatically lowering fuel consumption. Intelligent electronics only switch off the engine when no energy is needed without compromising safety or comfort. For example, the engine remains active until the optimum running temperature has been attained or until the interior climate has reached the desired range. When the engine has been switched off by Auto Start-Stop, engaging the clutch will cause the engine to start up automatically, even before the gear is selected. So you use less fuel and create fewer emissions.

Intelligent lightweight construction.

An intelligent lightweight construction reduces fuel consumption and improves performance in the new BMW 3 Series Saloon.
BMW engineers use a multitude of high-tech materials in the design of a BMW vehicle - lightweight materials such as aluminium in the front of the car and chassis and high-strength steel in the body together with ultra modern plastics. Engines and drive train components employ highly advanced magnesium alloys.
This intelligent lightweight construction lowers the weight of components by up to 25% and results in outstanding body stiffness and passive safety for drivers and passengers. It also improves the dynamic driving characteristics thanks to a balanced weight distribution between front and rear axles.
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