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Since 1989, BMW Magazine has given its readers stories that matter: the people whose visionary ideas change our lives and the new BMW models that make them better, plus special reports on art, fashion and design.
As ever, there’s plenty inside the Autumn/Winter issue: Driven #3. In our xDrive feature, we show how climbing Italy’s Stelvio Pass – where the steep terrain has challenged skiers, cyclists, and even an F1 driver over the years – becomes a journey to enjoy when you have the right equipment, such as BMW xDrive, at your fingertips. With awe-inspiring views from the top, it’s certainly worth the trip.
From the summit of the Alps we move to the forefront of technology. At a purpose-built ultra-efficient plant in Leipzig, we see how the electric BMW i3 is put together using a manufacturing process that looks very much like the blueprint for the future of car-making.
As well as technology, motoring is about the visceral thrill of driving and the way a car makes you feel. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the brand-new BMW 4 Series Coupé, a jaw-dropping machine that combines classic BMW design cues with performance and precision engineering. In our feature shot in downtown LA, it looks as good at rest as it does on the move.
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