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We strive to ensure that our work environment is fulfilling and enhancing and aim to remain the most preferred employer in the automotive industry.

This we achieve by committing to the following:

• Sourcing of a talented and committed workforce.
• Continuing to become a performance driven organisation.
• Commit to offer better growth and developmental opportunities.
• Excel in offering meaningful and challenging employment to all associates.
• Demonstrate respectful and competent leadership within all situations

BMW Group UK.


BMW Group Plant Oxford

BMW Group Plant, Hams Hall

BMW Group Plant Swindon

BMW Group Financial Services

BMW Ireland


Career Development.

Highly trained and motivated employees are fundamental to our continued business success and the performance of our workforce continues to distinguish our business within a competitive market.
BMW continuously encourages all employees to gain new skills and qualifications in order to meet the ever changing needs of the business as well as maintaining their own employability.
The BMW Group is committed to maximising the potential of all employees by providing quality training and development programmes, including support with relevant professional qualifications which meet the needs and aspirations of employees and the business.

Performance and Reward.

The performance of each individual employee and the "reward" provided by the company are closely related in the BMW Group. Remuneration and benefits are thus closely orientated towards personal performance, thus making the "merit" principle the fundamental value of our corporate culture. Applying the merit principle, we should first make a contribution to the company's success and then expect a contribution back from the company.
The basis of performance related remuneration is as follows: the definition of the value of roles/jobs or functions by means of job evaluation and deriving from this a structure of varying function levels or salary groups.
The objective of remuneration is to promote and encourage the personal performance of every employee. It provides the basis for seeking further improvements of product, process and quality, therefore ensuring long term corporate success.

Recruitment Process.

You are welcome to apply for any vacancy you are qualified for. The automated recruitment process simplifies the application and selection process.
You will find all vacancies listed by clicking on "Search Vacancies" above. Choose a position, read through the job description and apply. If you are visiting the BMW Career site for the first time, you have to register and provide BMW Group Careers with your personal information. Please update your details if necessary. Your profile will allow you to view updates on applications made to any of the BMW Group sites within the UK.
After applying, your background and details will be reviewed by our recruiters. Should your skills, qualifications, experience and other requirements match the criteria for the position, you will be invited to attend an assessment.
You will be informed regularly via email, as the entire recruitment process is automated. You can view the progress of your application by logging on to My Page on BMW's Career site at any time.
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